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Philosophy professor Manne wins book prize for ‘Down Girl’新乡盈中晶服务有限公司

Kate Manne, associate professor of philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences, has won the 2019 American Philosophical Association’s Book Prize for her first book, “Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny.”

Live webcast to explore pros, cons of machine learning滕州皇辉新有限公司

Kilian Weinberger, CIS associate professor, will present a live webcast, “Machine Learning: Advancements, Opportunities and Dangers,” Jan. 9 at 1 p.m. The event will be hosted by eCornell.


Vice provost illuminates Cornell’s global role and impact海南省台东大机械有限公司

Wendy Wolford, Cornell’s vice provost for international affairs and the Robert A. and Ruth E. Polson Professor of Global Development, discusses her background, interdisciplinary approach, the university’s support for students and faculty in international work, the Global Grand Challenge, the new Cornell China Center and more.


New College Scholars to study food, climate change, migration鹤壁凯发亨科技有限公司

The newest cohort of Arts and Sciences College Scholars, students who plan their own interdisciplinary curriculum around a topic that doesn’t fit into a traditional major, are interested in a wide range of disciplines.

Mutant proteins linked to DNA damage, muscular dystrophy山东省鼎公丰服务有限公司

New Cornell-led research has found a strong connection between DNA damage triggered by mutations in proteins that surround the cell nucleus, known as lamins, and muscular dystrophy.

Research tops list of 2019’s most read stories娄底永元利有限公司

Of the approximately 1,500 stories posted by the Cornell Chronicle, research stories about air pollution, engineering and genetics were the four most-read stories of the past 12 months.

ILR dean’s research: Noncompete agreements widespread桂林晶满荣服务有限公司

More than 36 million private-sector American workers have signed “noncompete” agreements, which limit workers’ ability to leave their jobs for new ones, according to research co-authored by ILR School dean Alex Colvin.

New material answers call for high-frequency electronics莱芜多飞金有限公司

A Cornell-led collaboration has created a new material that will bring clarity and extra bandwidth to the next generation of cellphones and other high-frequency electronics.

Engagement grant will help support disability advocacy龙井鑫正亚贸易有限公司

The Yang-Tan Institute’s Partners in Policymaking program will continue, even though the class will no longer be offered, thanks to help from an Engaged Opportunity Grant awarded through the Office of Engagement Initiatives.

For restricted eaters, a place at the table but not the meal锡林浩特伟春公有限公司

People with food restrictions feel more lonely when they can’t bond with others over meals, according to new Cornell research.

December graduates depart with degrees, reading list宝鸡恒宝大设备有限公司

At Cornell’s largest-ever winter graduate recognition ceremony, President Martha E. Pollack congratulated more than 540 graduates and encouraged them to continue to explore different perspectives through reading.

Eminent historian Isaac Kramnick dies at 81宜兴多发百商贸有限公司

Isaac Kramnick, the Richard J. Schwartz Professor of Government Emeritus, a renowned scholar of English and American political thought and history, and a longtime champion of undergraduate education, died Dec. 21 in New York City. Kramnick was 81.

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